The TTM Model – TTM stands for Trichotillomania, also known as hair pulling disorder, which is an impulse control disorder characterized by a long term urge that results in the pulling out of one’s hair. This occurs to such a degree that hair loss can be seen. Efforts to stop pulling hair typically fail. Hair removal may occur anywhere; however, the head and around the eyes are most common. The hair pulling is to such a degree that it results in distress.

Born in April 1990, given my stubbornness and my strong will when it comes to make meaningful decisions, I am probably Aries by choice more than actual faith, although for a paradoxical twist of fate, I found myself having an uncommon artistic flair that makes me practical and dreamy at the same time.

It is by now a fact that what makes me recognizable is this swirl on the side of one eye; I draw it with a black eyeliner everyday since the age of 14, when I first discovered the art of make-up on The Sims 2. I honestly cannot count how many conversations with strangers have started with “Is that a real tattoo?” and me answering that my father Mike Tyson has a distasteful sense of humor.

Do you know who also had an ingrown awareness for dignity and style?

Anna Piaggi, the most discussed Vogue’s fashion critic of all times, famous for using the concept of Vintage before the term was even created; unquestionably my number one idol after someone cultured told me I reminded him of her. For once I wasn’t Lady Gaga’s twin anymore, for once I understood that someone had walked before in the same shoes I do and that wasn’t a forgivable mistake due to young age.

Apparently, freedom of mind is ageless.


That’s how I chose the nickname Miss Ann Swirl 🙂


What I am very good at
Modeling for artistic nude
Teaching and life coaching
Caring and listening to people
♡ Gift strangers and friends with a smile
♡ Acts of kindness, as I don’t understand the value of things unless I share them
Make up, wigs and turbans
Colors, photography and traveling
♡ Manufacturing hats
♡ Dance, most of all embarrassing and “all attention on me” kind of dances
Writing lyrics to songs
♡ Cooking food mixing fruits
♡ Fixing computers
♡ Graphic
♡ Acting: the drama chose me, for once I didn’t
♡ Kids
Problem solving ideas and loads of patience
♡ Picking right dishes and right restaurants

What I am not very good at
♥ Doing the same sport
♥ Keep myself out of harm’s way
♥ Saving my money from flights tickets
♥ Order and tidying up
♥ Keep my mouth shut in front of things I feel unjust
♥ Keep my mouth shut in general
♥ Memory, the worst problem of my life, but I do manage perfectly by making technology remind me of everything (hurrah for technology!)

My job: full-time eclectic artist and counselor to all hairless women who need me

My dream: empower women who are fighters through simple tools that can change their life and the one of the people all around them

My goal: having enough billions to build the biggest happy family of adopted children ever seen

Honesty, Love and Mindset
are my strongest tools in life


Have a request, a question, a business proposal?
Write me at, I promise I’ll always reply!