About Miss Swirl


My name is Sara, but I go as Miss Swirl since when I started drawing a swirl on the side of my eye.

I’m an Italian artist working in different fields; I model for official shoots and collaborate on independent projects, I have played small roles in the cinema and shot commercial videos, I am a singer, an author and music writer, I am also a milliner and I have developed several collections of hats for an Italian brand.

My baldness derives from trichotillomania. I have started pulling my hair when I was 11 and continued on and off for the following years, causing large patches on my head and face.

In this long period of pulling time, I have gone through a journey of acceptance, awareness, and self-confidence that has made me embrace my difference, so now I am using this energy to inspire others to do the same.

Therefore, I have trained to become a public speaker and a coach; I have released tutorials and posts to guide women towards a happy life without hair, consequently I have been published by a number of magazines including HuffPost and the Daily Mail, and finally I am currently working on my first book.

On this website, you will find a guide aimed to empower women without hair and the chance to contact me directly for any inquiry.

I do hope this will help bald women feel like themselves again and the rest of the world see how being different is just another way of being human.