a bald model with a bold purpose

In the end, your ultimate goal is not to feel beautiful without hair,
it is to understand how much your smile has far more power than your hair

Miss Swirl

The Bold Girls

The bold girls is a blog written by a bald girl to other bald girls. I share my experience and my findings after trichotillomania made me become almost hairless and I found my happiness through a journey of acceptance and self-training. You can become bald for many different reasons, but no matter which one, we all go through the same feelings. 

this blog is about

  • not feeling alone, facing this challenge as an opportunity to make a change in our perspective and in our values so that our life is even better than before
  • women, empowerment, courage and being playful with our body and our spirit
  • not only being bald, it is about being bold!

God ruined my life and it can ruin yours

God ruined my life and he can ruin yours, if you don’t do exactly what God says. I know, it’s politically incorrect but … No, I don’t have anything against God. I have it against what he says.

When Do I Tell The Person I Go Out With That I Do Not Have Hair?

It might sound crazy, but our hair loss too often prevents us from experiencing a normal dating.
What to do if you have to tell him you’re bald?
Here’s some tips girls!

Dear alopecia, chemo and trichotillomania

If you are going through a change of hair that you weren’t expecting and you feel lost in a jungle of possible options that could help you, my dear you’ve stepped in the right place.

With no guide to navigate the right path to get back on your feet, it can be difficult to find a new image of yourself to adapt to.

“a declaration of intent”

Maybe for some it’s not a big deal, but when you receive a letter saying you are invited to lay in bed with a stranger for a nice talk, even in your mind supposedly a spark of curiosity lights up.

Miss Swirl

Miss Swirl

Sara Meucci, aka Miss Swirl, is an eclectic Florentine artist. Born in a family of Tuscan artisans, she currently works in fashion and is the youngest teacher of millinery and history of the Florentine hat in Italy. As a writer, she talks about music, composes texts for her songs and those of other musicians. She is working on the launch of a new project, linked to an important personal event that completely changed the course of her life. The project will be multi-channel and build on photography and the naked body; the art of make-up and fashion accessories, which finally become useful for a specific purpose. Each instrument will be used to represent and encourage all women who happen to find themselves without face or head hair, for different reasons. These tools, combined with the knowledge of the artist, will show women how to discover their bravest self, perhaps even their best self, and find the strength to mirror themselves without fear of not recognizing themselves anymore.
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