a guide through trichotillomania, alopecia,
and other hair-loss related glitches

Dear alopecia, chemo and trichotillomania

Have you lost your hair, your eyebrows, your eyelashes and you can’t recognize yourself anymore?

If you are going through a change of hair that you weren’t expecting and you feel lost in a jungle of possible options that could help you, my dear you’ve stepped in the right place.

With no guide to navigate the right path to get back on your feet, it can be difficult to find a new image of yourself to adapt to.

I was only 12 when I started pulling my hair, with no clue of the kind of damage that was about to change my life for good.

After what feels like a lifetime, I decided to create this space to inspire you to find a new look that defines who you are inside and outside your comfort zone.

While looking at myself in the mirror, I have been in the situation of thinking that I was a monster.

Does this ring a bell?

Well, during my years of experience as a bald girl, I’ve collected practical and small tricks that made my everyday mirror-experience a lot easier than it has ever been.

So lately, I have been looking at other bald women thinking “why is she wearing that turban in that way “or “how much has she spent on that wig” or “a little lipstick on her make-up would totally make the difference” developing more and more the urge of reaching out to them and see if I can help them smooth what it seems to be a patch on their old blue-jeans instead that a bold redefinition of their look.

No matter what you are facing, your look and how you present yourself to the world says something about who you are and what kind of message you’d like to leave to the people that meet your eyes on the street.

Your look is a statement.

When I was younger and early in my illness, I didn’t have control on what my look was saying about me, it was naturally crying: “Something is wrong with me!

So people would react in three different ways:

1) the curious crowd – someone stops to ask you what has happened even if you definitely don’t feel comfortable speaking about it

2) the pity look – you feel all the eyes are on you and their hearts are sorry for your actual condition (possibly worst a feeling than the above)

3) the warrior of light – that person that doesn’t need to ask or look further to understand that you are fighting as much as they are, it’s just a different kind of battle

Battles are lost and won every day, we all are fighting our own battle and we all would like to share it when and how we want, it’s our damn right.

It is by now a fact that finding someone fighting for the same reasons to share your victories and fallback with, changes the odds of the game!

That’s why I’m here: I’d like to be that someone.

With me, now you can:

  • learn how to be in control of the traits you like the most of yourself
  • and how to lovingly take care of the dark sides you don’t like
  • shape your body to be a temple of joy and courage even – and especially – if you have lost what it made if you feel beautiful
  • redefine your image to face a change on purpose, accepting that no matter the reasons that brought you here, you can be awesome
  • become the owner of the strongest self-esteem in circulation

I can guide you in a place where you will think of you as the most gorgeous woman you have ever been in your life, not because I have superpowers that empower me with special skills, just because I have felt ugly and miserable and I fought my way out of it with every piece of garbage I could find.

Choosing life, it means to burden yourself with the responsibility of living your time with the best you’ve got. It’s no easy task, but hey… you are not alone in this.

These tools I have found, I can now put at your service to empower you with the most important strategy you will ever need to make it in this life: your most sincere smile.

You deserve to be loved, so start from teaching yourself how!

Miss Swirl
Published on Lungarno Firenze 

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Miss Swirl

Miss Swirl

Sara Meucci, aka Miss Swirl, is an eclectic Florentine artist. Born in a family of Tuscan artisans, she currently works in fashion and is the youngest teacher of millinery and history of the Florentine hat in Italy. As a writer, she talks about music, composes texts for her songs and those of other musicians. She is working on the launch of a new project, linked to an important personal event that completely changed the course of her life. The project will be multi-channel and build on photography and the naked body; the art of make-up and fashion accessories, which finally become useful for a specific purpose. Each instrument will be used to represent and encourage all women who happen to find themselves without face or head hair, for different reasons. These tools, combined with the knowledge of the artist, will show women how to discover their bravest self, perhaps even their best self, and find the strength to mirror themselves without fear of not recognizing themselves anymore.

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