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It’s easier than you think, but you’re gonna have to be stubborn with this one, because it’s a skill you need to practice!

Wrapping your head like an Easter Egg is not going to help you see yourself under a different light.
I’m sorry, but you know how bitchy I am about style and this is the place where I can finally give my straightforward opinion about bandannas…

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I have spent 5 years of my life trying to hide my patches underneath a “tissue” like the one in the picture. All it achieved was me looking “ill”, like a gangster, or like I was about to join a pirate ship (which might be awesome, but not quite what you want to look like when you go to a dinner party.)

And I get it. If you’re a chemo patient and you’re going to sit on a chair for hours, and have your body doing things out of your control, you don’t care about wrapping your head with style. So, please, use bandannas, small beanies or whatever you feel more comfortable wearing. NO ONE knows better than you. NO ONE can tell you what is best for you. You feel it, you know it. Hell, even I go buy milk in my pajamas sometimes, and I don’t care if people judge me.

However, someone may sell you that bandannas are a way to get your dignity back, well… I can give you much better ideas than this, and I can prove it.


Gather your hair so that you can cover the patchy areas, and add some sparkly ribbons where you’re more exposed!

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Add a pin, a flower, or some creative hair-clips to the side of the ribbon to make it look even nicer!

Some examples

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Turbans / Headwraps

Generations and generations of African sisters have been leading the way with the most colorful scarves, forms, and styles. We can only bow and learn from these powerful women!

When your white-bread-arse thinks it got problems with hair, go talk to your frizzy-haired friends and ask them how they have managed to tame the beast!

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I am still trying to master the art of wrapping myself, but I have to say I’m pretty proud of my 30sec. wrap that makes me look like a royal Nefertiti!

I’ve posted a short tutorial of my Nefertiti style right below so that you can begin making friends with wrapping.

Go get it girl!


Personally, I would recommend buying cotton scarves (doesn’t have to be 100%, but enough to be soft). 


  • Silk and other “slide-off” kinds of fabric, unless you’re using them for the outer decoration. They don’t sit tight on your head.
  • Stretchy materials that contain elastics as they feel very secure at first, but you’ll regret them after a few hours when they give you a headache! 
Make sure the scarf is looooong and wiiiide! 
Long & Wide are your friends!
You want to achieve a nice volume, which is the keyword for any accessory you’re going to buy from now on!


I come from a long tradition of hat makers in the family, so when I tell you I know about hats, I’m dead serious.

Some people might really be clueless about hats, what to buy, sizes, what fits who, and how to take good care of them. Therefore let me dispense some good tips!


When worn centrally, the hat base must sit 1 finger above the top of your ears.

This means the hat is your size! No headaches and no feeling you have to pull it down all the time!


If it’s a bit too large, look for the ribbon inside. 

To shrink the size by 1 or 2 cm, pinch the two sides at the back of the hat. Stitch them together or use a small safety pin.

If it’s too small, you can try to make it loose 1 cm by stretching it with your knee.

Place the knee inside the front of the hat and pull the back towards you with your hands for a minute. (leave it alone if it’s an expensive hat, just buy your size!)

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This is a very personal choice. You have to “see” yourself in it, and even if I tell you how good you look, you’re going to be the one wearing it. So be sure you like it. Don’t get it because someone else is telling you to do so!

Being bald, I have 3 hat-characteristics I try to stick with that I know will make me look like I own the whole neighborhood:

  1. boy shapes, large brim
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  1. comfortable
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  1. cute
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Hats are a fun way of adorning your head, and you can take them off and on easily to let your skin breathe. They’re also a pain in the *** when it is windy, so choose wisely which hat to wear according to every occasion!

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