I wanted to start this post with a statistic on how many people don’t have eyebrows in the world. This should have helped you really understand how absolutely normal it is to not have a fine bushy brow, but when I typed in “how many people do not have…” google tried to finish the question for me like this:

…aaaaaand I’m done searching for today.

Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that our problems are just ridiculous compared to what is still happening to some of our brother humans.

This is why I still haven’t tattooed my eyebrows yet. I just don’t care, really. It’s not, and it won’t be, my biggest problem in life.

So, it’s up to you if you want to go down that path and have them done, but be aware that if you want to have proper brows you will still need to retouch them every day as any girl does in the morning nowadays.

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So how do you get perfect looking eyebrows in a matter of minutes?

I’m going to give you the latest tricks I’ve found myself, in order to draw them swiftly and perfectly, so that you don’t have to bother looking for fake hair online (btw, I’ve searched the weirdest stuff in order to see if there was cool tech for eyebrows… the old way is the best way for now! DRAW THEM ON!)

First of all, you need the right pencils.
The smartest ones I’ve found for us baldies, are extra fine pencils and they’re just the right tool to draw real looking hair on your face!

They look like this:

You can now find them pretty much anywhere: online and in stores. Try different brands, but in general, they’re all good as long as they have this shape.

Buy 2 colors, avoid the light ones because I don’t know why, but they just don’t work on bald skins… so weird.

In the following video, you can see how I create different shapes and then adjust them to the thickness I want. You can leave them in one color, or add a second to fill in the shades; you can leave the brows bushy and thick, or narrow them down as I do. That’s up to you!

Anyway, once you have two colors (I use brown and grey), get ready to try out my tutorial and see what happens!

1) start with the end of the brow and make a curved line to finish the brow

2) draw the direction of the brow towards the inside of your eye

3) fill in the whole brow with light brushes until you get a bushy shape

4) adjust it to your taste

I like changing the shape, the colors, the thickness, and so on. It depends on the mood, and the time I have in my hands, of course! But I do involve other colorful pencils, and eye shadows of various colors, especially when I want to match a wig with them!

So it’s up to you to try and have fun with your brows, but be aware that pencils are not tattoos; they wash away, they might get oily during the day, they can betray you, and erase at any time for any reason – so don’t rely on pencils if you have a weak heart.

but don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it in the end!


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One of the most self-piteous things to see, is your eyes having no beautiful dark eyelashes. I remember I would always look away when I would notice someone observing my eyes; I was SO ashamed of my bare eyes, that I would have given anything to have my lashes back. Is this what you’re feeling right now?

If your answer is yes, then let me tell you something you were waiting to hear: YOUR EYES ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!
With or without eyelashes, they’re still the mirror to your soul and they are still speaking for you!

Nothing has changed, apart from some pigmented keratin missing here and there, and, surprisingly, not many people will observe the absence of lashes at a first glance, unless you point it out yourself! (most people are crappy observers)

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You don’t have eyelashes… so what? People don’t have hair on their tongue either, I don’t see them complaining about that!

But if you want to experience the magical feeling of flapping butterflies with your eyes, go get yourself a few pairs of fake lashes.

Let me direct you to the right lashes, without passing through the whole (very expensive) hassle of trying different kinds. Skip the advice you may have received: “find the ones that feel better to you”.

I know which ones are better: the ones that are resistant, light, and easy to apply when you don’t have lashes supporting them. See? Told ya I knew.

While brands can vary, these are the things you want to look for:

1) the line at the base of the lashes must be transparent and thin, looking exactly like this:

 Image result for fake eyelashes

2) Demi-wispies are the natural look you want to achieve, so if you see this title printed on the cover, you’re in the right area

3) Stay within range, don’t overdo it with length or at the end of the day, you won’t keep your eyes open. My favorite type, these days, looks exactly like this:

As for all the rest of lashes out there in the world (that I am not going to mention here), if you want to try them, be my guest! Some are fun to wear, and can give you a super sensual look, but they do require some higher make-up skills than the ones I’ve recommended.

I would have loved to give you my link with the best collection of fake lashes all in the same spot, but living in London I have access to almost any brand. Unfortunately, said brand might not ship to your country. Therefore, I’ll leave this task to your google shopping (for now! but if you have a hard time finding them, drop me a message and we’ll find a solution together!)

Finally, I must have seen a thousand different tutorials showing how to apply false eyelashes, and we all have different systems.

Here’s my example with Eyelure n.171 lashes I showed you a minute ago:

I’m happy with you finding your method, but if you want to know how I do it, have a look at this short tutorial I’ve made:

  1. Apply the glue to the side of the fake eyelash
  2. Apply the glue over the line you should have eyelashes, or exactly over the few eyelashes you might have left
  3. Let it dry until it turns transparent
  4. Grab the eyelash in the middle section and place it first on the inner side, then open your eye widely so that you can see where to place the end part
  5. Adjust the lashes until they sit right, and finish off your make-up

Sometimes make-up will fail you, sometimes it won’t.


What matters is that you accept and understand that your eyebrows, and your eyelashes, are an accessory, like many other things in life.

Make-up is a tool that you use to express yourself, not to define yourself.
So remember, the real skill you have to learn first is to be able to love yourself, and that requires as many tries as sticking that rebellious eyelashes on!

In case you’re having trouble following my tutorials, use my support page to ask for further help, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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