What is stage 2?

After having released in Stage 1 the main tools to learn how to play with your look, I can now pass onto the more psychological side of this journey.

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The first stage is, in fact, structured to make you see that life goes on, even after you can’t rely on your hair anymore to feel beautiful.

The second stage follows this realization with a heavy dosage of insights on how to mentally accept the new you, without losing your identity. Better yet! It aims to enrich your personality and capability of choosing what really makes you happy, over what you feel obligated to accept.

This book-guide applies to all different mental disorders as well as physical ones, with specific examples of the difficulties caused by the lack of hair. (since it is based on my successes and failures while I was trying all sorts of methods to escape my misery).

If you’re interested in starting this journey and find yourself at the other end of the tunnel, join the waitlist for the book release

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