Very smooth and soft, with no imperfections.

If you’re bald and reading this at the same time, it means you are not happy about being bald.

What went wrong? Some of you are finding themselves bald for the first time (it’s scary), some of you might have been bald for more years than they can remember having hair.

And some of you, share something more than baldness. You share the frustration of being bald.

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Yet, there is another face of this coin. Because, you see, to some other women and me, bald means free

It means I can dive from a cliff,

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it means I can ride and scream on a roller coaster,

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it means I can make love and feel carefree!

L'immagine può contenere: una o più persone

Bald means I can be myself, it means that my smile will smile more than my eyebrows and my eyes will shine brighter than my lashes.

Was I always this happy about being bald?

No, lady, I wasn’t. I was full of anger, discontent and I couldn’t bare looking at myself in the mirror.

So, the new question is… what went right?

I did what every human being going through a hard time needs to do if they want to stop being miserable: grow some balls, toughen up and work on the issue.

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Doesn’t matter if it hurts, if you will have to go to hell and back, if it means you will lose some friends, your dignity or lose whatever else you are afraid to lose if you accept this change.

If you’re not able to commit to yourself, your health, your well-being and your happiness, then I can’t help you.

There is only one path out of this and it leads to you accepting yourself so that you can, finally, love yourself!

Now, there are two things I can teach you and if you don’t feel like you’re ready to jump out of the box right yet, rest assured you will feel so after this guide, because you can follow my steps at your own pace.

What I am about to tell you is real easy to follow, it just requires some of your time and stubbornness

Do you think you can give me some of that?





The safe way of starting to deal with this is learning how to play with your look so that you finally have different options to choose when you want to go out.
At the end of this guide, you will be able to do your own make-up and choose what best suits you.

Once I understood how my face works and how I can play with it, I’ve changed the way I feel about my baldness: if I want a natural look I can get it in less than 10 minutes or just be as good as me.

I was finally in control of my own self again, allowed to choose how to look like and not just a blank canvas.

Strange enough, this sensation of having options has given me the calm to reveal myself to the world, as bald as I can be, feeling beautiful and shiny, ready for anything!

What I discovered was that when you stop hiding and accept your perks as much as your flaws, you are invincible and people will want to be you!

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The first rule of this game is: don’t take it out on the mirror.

The mirror is NOT your enemy, it doesn’t reflect who you are, it only reflects what you think of yourself.

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Stage 1, as above mentioned, is a safer route I have drafted so that after you’ve read this guide, you will feel like you are in control again.

Because, if you scratch the surface, this is what we are really talking about: control. You have been living in this limbo that I like to call the “what is going to happen when…” zone.

The hell pit of low-esteem moments in your life.

You are not in control of what is happening, of what people say about it, of what you always have to explain to your friends, of the worried look of your loved ones. You don’t have power over this anymore and that is the hard part to accept. 

We need to get you that power back.

If your life had been different and you were to wake up one morning, look in the mirror and say: “oh my god, I had enough of this hair, I’m going to shave them all together and be done with it!“, gotten scissors, razor and cut them all off, your reaction to whomever question or puzzled expressions would just be:

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also called, stage Rambo.

Now, there are 2 ways you can learn to look awesome:

with me or without me.
How does it work?

Either you send me an email with a picture of you, I send you some instructions to follow, then I call you to check on you (yes, I’m serious), see if you need any help with anything and send you out on your beautiful own


you read my guide and try to do this by yourself, which is also very understandable and you don’t have to explain anything to me or to anyone else.

Either ways are FREE and totally up to you! I’m happy if you are!
So, which one you prefer?