An uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition.

How long has this state of limbo been?
For me, it lasted 8 years. Let’s say I’ve paid my dues from the crime committed, and that when I look back at myself in that period I think: why the heck did I wait this long?! What was I really afraid of?!

Freedom is just a razor away, sister.

If only I had found someone bold enough to tell me this while I was living what I’d call the longest walk of shame of my life!!

This… and a special someone looking straight into my eyes, saying: “I love you with or without your hair, you are beautiful the way you are and there’s no way they could have made you better.

Jee. I would have shaved in a second.

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Because, with all due respect, it is so much easier to have someone you care about spelling out loud what you should be saying every single day to yourself, rather than learning “you are beautiful” as a mantra and repeat it in front of the mirror 3 times in a row every morning.

But that didn’t happen to me, so I had to go through the mantra. 8 years. Girl. Don’t wait anymore. It’s time you move on and realize that the very important moments in life are the ones where your hair is messy and you’re not thinking about how you look.

There is a word I have grappled with before, but which I find indispensable to be able to start fresh, and that is: value.

Would you say your life value depends on your hair?
Would you say you’re worth loving because of your hair?

If you see a stranger without hair crossing your way, would your first thought be “I could never be with that person!“?

No, no and no?

Well, I thought so. 

The sooner you gather the strength to turn over a new leaf, the better. Your life will be easier if you accept yourself.

And yes, we are not talking about just hair anymore.

So, are you ready to free yourself from all doubts and pain? Take a deep breath and follow this bald happy lady.





The safe way to start dealing with this is to learn how to play with your look so that you like what you see and especially to learn how to stop hiding yourself

There is literally nothing to hide.

If you take good care of yourself, accept your good features and turn your flaws into strengths, you will be invincible and people will want to be you!

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The first rule of this game is: don’t take it out on the mirror.

The mirror is NOT your enemy, it doesn’t reflect who you are, it only reflects what you think of yourself.

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Stage 1, as mentioned above, is a safer route I have drafted so that after you’ve read this guide, you will feel like you are in control again.

Because, if you scratch the surface, this is what we are talking about: control. You have been living in this limbo that I like to call the “what is going to happen when…” zone.

The hell pit of low-esteem moments in your life.

“What is going to happen when” you are not in control of

  • what is happening,
  • what people will say about it,
  • explanations your friends need, 
  • the worried looks of your loved ones.

You don’t have power over this situation anymore, and that is the hard part to accept. 

We need to get you that power back.

Let’s flip the narrative! 

Let’s imagine you made the choice to have no hair. You woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and said: “oh my god, I had enough of this hair, I’m going to shave it all off and be done with it!“; you got scissors, a razor and followed through. 

You would still get the same puzzled expressions and questions from the people around you.
But this time you made the choice to have no hair, so what would you reply to these people?

awesome schitts creek GIF by CBC

AKA, stage Rambo.

Now, there are 2 ways you can learn how to look awesome:

with me or without me.
How does STAGE 1 work?

WITH ME: You send me an email with a picture of you, I send you some instructions to follow, then I call you to check on you (yes, I’m serious). I will see if you need any help with anything, and send you out on your beautiful own


WITHOUT ME: you read my guide and try to do this by yourself, which is also very understandable, and you don’t have to explain anything to me or anyone else.

Both ways are FREE and totally up to you! I’m happy if you are!
So, which one do you prefer?