Tampering with evidence, or evidence tampering, is an act in which a person alters, conceals, falsifies, or destroys evidence

If you’re at this stage, you are probably freaking out right now.

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And believe me, we’ve all been there. Your hair was something you would argue with – and quite often, to be fair – but you would have never imagined yourself without it.

Your brain must have been asking you a million questions from the moment this has started and I bet that you’ve already seen the worst things you could find on the web (or maybe you’re lucky and this page is the result of your first search!).

Well, sister. We have a situation here. But there’s no need for you to panic and hyperventilate like men when they get down with the flu.

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Women in history have been dealing with way more – pardon my French – shit than what you will be going through with your hair.

So, sit back, relax and let me help you.





The safe way of starting to deal with this is learning how to play with your look so that you still like that sweet face of yours in the mirror.

An important note is: the mirror is NOT your enemy, it doesn’t reflect who you are, it only reflects what you think of yourself.

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So don’t take it out on the mirror if today your thoughts are saying awful things about you and work on changing the way you see yourself, not the way you are!

(unless you’re a bit of a bitch, in that case it’s never to late to start working on who you want to be too!! wayne knight laughing GIF)

Stage 1, as above mentioned, is the safer route and I have drafted it so that after you’ve read this guide, you will feel like you are in control again.

Because, if you scratch the surface, this is what we are really talking about: control.

If you are about to lose you hair, if you are already losing your hair or if you have bald patches here and there which now start to become a serious matter, you know that whatever you do, you’re about to enter the “what is going to happen when…” zone.

The hell pit of low-esteem moments in your life.

You are not in control of what is about to happen, of what people are going to say about it, of what you will have to explain to your friends, of the worried look of your loved ones. You don’t have power over this anymore and that is the hard part to accept.

Because listen, if you were to wake up one morning, look in the mirror and say: “oh my god, I had enough of this hair, I’m going to shave them all together and be done with it!”, gotten scissors, razor and cut them all off, your reaction to whomever question or puzzled expressions would just be:

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also called, stage Rambo.

(you will still need to learn from Stage 1 even if you feel you want to jump to Stage 2, but we’ll see this in a minute)

Now, there are 2 ways you can do this:

with me or without me.
How does it work?

Either you send me an email with a picture of where the problem is, I send you some instructions to follow, then I call you to check on you (yes, I’m serious), see if you need any help with anything and send you out on your beautiful own


you read my guide and try to do this by yourself, which is also very understandable and you don’t have to explain anything to me or to anyone else.

Either ways are FREE and totally up to you! I’m happy if you are!
So, which one you prefer?