The Bold Girls
consultation program explained

The bold girls consultation program is my make-up and re-style guide for women dealing with hairloss. 

The goal is to give you the right tools to find a new look that suits your personality respecting the change your face is undergoing.

Trichotillomania, alopecia, hairloss caused by chemotherapy and other forms of hair disorders find their peace with the coaching program I have set for you: you hair issues become an opportunity to rebuild a brand new image tailored on who you are and what message your look will speak of you.

Who’s this program for?

You have to be a girl – My experience with hair loss comes as a woman, therefore I can only help women for now.

If you like what you’re seeing and wouldn’t actually mind receiving advice from me, you can always use the FREE CALL option which puts you directly in contact with me for 1 hour.

You have to have already lost your head hair or/and your facial hair (no matter the reason).

You have to have a device with a camera to use it.

If you can’t accept to be recorded in videos, pictures or any other media material useful to the cause, then don’t apply.

If you are under age, you can still join the class – this tools are not risky and I won’t ask your money (making an adult aware of your journey is better because you can share you success!)

If you think you’re too old to have a chance, you definitely need to join the class!!

You have to accept that some of the things I will tell you to do, will make you feel ridiculous – but you’ll do them anyway.

You have to feel ready to completely expose yourself to me.

You need a safe space where you can change, try, talk freely and no one else can bother your time with yourself. If you don’t have it, find it before you apply.

If you accept to be one out of these five girls in the class, I will ask if you want to make your story public for the women that need the same treatment after you. In short, I need you to be the brave one like I did before you, but if you don’t feel comfortable in being published for any reason, I won’t!

At a certain point, you will meet with others like you and you must be always respectful about the reasons they are there.

When you begin this journey, you can talk to other people about it, although you need to assure me that before stopping or being influenced by other opinions, you will first finish the path we have started together, giving privilege to my guide and the opinions of your new sisters over all the others.

For any issue you may incur in, swear you will freely talk to me about it without holding back and in a short matter of time.

The Bold Girls
available services

Group Call

Join other bald girls and me to discuss a specific subject you might be insterested in!
You can also request a subject yourself if you don't find it below
  • make-up
  • styling
  • head wraps
  • wigs
  • necessary accessories (hats, shades, jewelry)
  • get in touch
  • life experiences
  • sharing

Full Pack

The complete consultation program that starts with a minimum of 8 hours coaching, from Life coaching to Image consulting directed to find a tailor made style for your every moment.
You will finally find that smile in the mirror for this program will improve your beauty skills and your self-confidence at the same time.
£ 650 for 8 hours
  • 1° call (2h): life coaching session and list of raw materials we need
  • 2° call (up to 1h):make-up
  • 3° call (1h): scarves, headwraps, turbans
  • 4° call (1h): wigs and how to feel at ease wearing one
  • 5° call (up to 1h): necessary accessories (hats, shades, jewelry)
  • 6° step (up to 2h): further assistance and support after the program is ended

a TIP from the heart

Take this class only if you think you can take it
if you’re Fighting a disease or a disorder, it can be tough and it can drain all the energies you have, so I know that you will need time to rest during this journey. This doesn’t mean that you can’t follow the class, but when you commit remember this fight belongs to you as much as the other one does.

1 Hair At A Time

single one-to-one consultation
£ 100 per hour
  • Scegli unn argomento ben preciso fra trucco, stile, turbanti, parrucche, accessori necessari (cappelli, bijoux, occhiali), stile di vita
  • make-up
  • styles that would fit your everyday comfort zone
  • looks to adopt for single events and different situations
  • headwraps, scarves, turbans
  • necessary accessories (hats, shades, jewelry)

All the above services offer a first free video call. Read here below!

Talk to me about it!

Are you having a hard time caused by your hair loss and you don't know who to talk to? No worries, I can come to the rescue!
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