Investing in a life coach is an investment on yourself.
Investing in Sara is also investing in a friend you can trust.


Programmes start from a duration of 3 months and are renewable as you see fit.

The cost of the first 3 months is 720 £ (net) and includes:

  • ADAPTABILITY: 12 sessions (F2F or online) according to your schedule and lifestyle
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: 2 phone calls, 10 min. each per month to keep you on track


  • EVOLUTION: growth developed on your own time thanks to practical and achievable goals
  • CONFIDENCE: a change of perspective that continuously helps you making the right choices for you
  • INDIVIDUALITY: tasks tailor-made on your persona

And when you’re done with the first 3 months, you will receive a TheBoldGirls wig as a gift!

is coaching for me?

valuable information:
the difference between a therapist and a life coach

“People typically see a therapist because they have symptoms of a mental health issue and want to feel and function better. Therapy also helps individuals by increasing insight and self-awareness by identifying the roots of issues and problematic thinking.

Coaching tends to focus on the present and future rather than the past. Coaches help people identify their goals and the obstacles they are facing. Like therapy, coaching involves guidance and support but also places a great deal of emphasis on accountability, enabling people to do more than they might on their own.

Coaching almost always addresses an individual’s mindset and attitude by uncovering self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk. A person being coached is assumed to have all the answers they need within them; the coach’s job is to facilitate the discovery of those answers by asking the right questions.”

[…from © Copyright 2016 All rights reserved.]

The bold girls consultation programme is created to guide you through dealing with hair issue. 

The goal is to give you the right tools to find a new look that suits your personality respecting the change your face is undergoing.

Trichotillomania, alopecia, hairloss caused by chemotherapy and other forms of hair disorders find their peace with this coaching programme. 

Here, our hair issues become the opportunity to rebuild a brand new image tailored on who you are and what your look will say about you!

find out if you're a fit!

You have to be a girl – My experience with hair loss comes as a woman, therefore I can only help women for now.

You are facing a hair loss or patches, you have lost a part/ entirely your hair (head, face or both) no matter the reason why.

You have to have a device with a camera to use it as some coaching will require a video call.

If you are under age, you can still join the programme.
Please know that your parents or guardian need to give written consent in order for you to join the programme.
If your parents or guardian are not still aware of your condition and you want to speak to me first, you can reach me on or or write me an email at:

Instead, if you think you’re too old to have a chance, you definitely need to join the programme!

You have to accept that some of the things I will tell you to do, will make you feel ridiculous – but you’ll do them anyway.

You have to feel ready to completely expose yourself with me, that’s why we will have an introductory free call and you can drop from the programme at any time.

(see the coaching agreement)

You need a safe space where you can change, try, talk freely and no one else can bother your time with yourself. If you don’t have it, find it before you apply.

At a certain point, you will meet with others like you and you must be always respectful about the reasons they are there.

When you begin this journey, you can talk to other people about it, although you need to assure me that before stopping or being influenced by other opinions, you will first do your best to achieve your goals we have set together, giving privilege to my guide and the opinions of your new sisters over all the others.

For any issue you may incur in, swear you will freely talk to me about it without holding back and in a short matter of time.

Invest Today

Coaching is not like buying a new giant TV or a dishwasher. Is more like buying an extremely comfortable sofa or your dream car that will share the most important moments of your life with you. It is not an accessory, it's a safe place where you can be yourself as you should always feel in life, out there, after we have finished our programme.

Damn, I'd be good in selling sofas and cars!

Now remember you are investing in the most valuable asset of your life: you.
You and your legacy is what really matters.

Book a free Consultation to discover if coaching is right for you.