natalie portman wig GIF
If you scroll through my Instagram, you will see how in love I am with my wigs. They have helped me find the playful side of not having hair, because, let’s say it, sometimes we want to look like we have just come out of the hairdresser, and it’s our damn right to be shiny, fluffy and awesome!

Now, there’s a jungle of wigs out there: you might find them in a corner shop down the road, online, on Amazon, and you can even get some for free from charities that have hair donated from people who shaved for the cause!

But how to navigate this jungle?

If it’s your first time trying a wig out, you might wonder if you are doing things right, and you also might have bought a random wig without knowing all the differences between the caps they have.

There’s always a wig that fits you best, and feels like it was made just for you, but they’re a bit hard to find.
This is why I recommend you look for a specialist in your area that can help you try some different options, until you reach your verdict.

This is, of course, if you are looking to “replicate” a natural look, and I strongly advise you to read this wig guide the UK alopecia association has drafted.

Instead, if you want to try a more badass approach and decide to follow me down the rabbit hole of colorful wigs, I have collected quite an extensive intelligence on this matter, and it all starts with something we like to hear:

everybody can afford colorful wigs!

Along with my right arm Clarimenta, I have put together a video that shows you how to wear wigs, whether you still have uncontrollable hair, or you are as bald as me!

The wigs I mostly use have a cap that is one size, but you have two straps at the back to fit your measurements. The wig will stretch in time, like jeans, so you’ll arrive at a point when you need to either buy the same one if still available, or change style. The lifetime of a wig depends on how much you use it, of course. Mine usually last for a whole season and then I renew the “wigdrobe” for the following year as I don’t wear wigs during hot months.

The upgrade of caps, are front lace wigs where you have a natural colored net at the front of the wig to make it look like it’s really attached to your head.
It’s a lot more work to put it on, so if you’re in a rush you might want to pop on a wig with bangs and feel fresh in a second!


Hurray, now you’re ready for some new experiences!